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Christen Merkle celebrated two anniversaries in 2018



Renate Merkle 基金会以长期资助陷入贫困的人们(儿童、老人和残疾人)及其家庭为己任,并鼓励他们勇敢面对未来。

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The new 4.0 has arrived!

The 4.0 is 670 pages strong, fundamentally revised and it represents the entire AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range, including the novelties:

  • Block cylinder with position sensing
  • New generation of magnetic field sensors for block cylinders MBZ 
  • Tie rod cylinder 
  • Locking cylinder
  • ...and more, see » documentation about all improvements

In the chapter „Information from AHP“ we provide you with many helpful tips and tricks in handling hydraulic cylinders. And the best: We make the available to our customers free of charge!

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Tie rod cylinders with linear cushioning

Tie Rod Cylinders by AHP Merkle


At last: AHP Merkle has extended its product range, offering with immediate effect also tie rod cylinders. Tie rod cylinders from AHP Merkle that impress, as expected, with 100% quality and unique options!

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线性缓冲器为我们的液压缸带来更高的效率和性能。 我们首次提供无需调整的缓冲器,它不会出现调整误差。这大大提高了用户的体验舒适度!  


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More compact design yet 1.6 times more power?

Look beneath the surface

At this years' » Euromold trade show, we showed you how to create more compact designs and at the same time generate 1.6 times more power.

The answer can be found in the » Core Pull Unit, which guarantees optimal performance even with piston diameters as small as 32 mm – a space-saving and powerful solution of a core pulling. 

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Optimize aluminium die casting moulds now

Draw comparisons

Find out how you can save space and weight with aluminum die casting and at the same time reduce maintenance and repair downtimes.

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New: Quick-Delivery-Programme

We have produced today what you need tomorrow. Our most successful cylinders are already in stock and ready for shipment.

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有三种方法供您获取所需的 CAD 数据。请自行选择。




The ahp.letter reports from practice around hydraulic cylinders, informs about interesting dates and trainings at the AHP Technikum. 

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